Worlds Worst Video Store

Contributing Art

If you'd like to contribute your own artwork, please check the list of available covers and email, let me know you're mailing the cover in, and I'll remove it from the list. Then, please send in the cover art in as soon as you can (it does not, in any way, need to be "good").

Paper size

To fit in the case perfectly, the paper should be 10.5in x 7.25in. The paper will be gently folded in the case, so if you lay the paper so it's wider than tall, the first 5 inches on the left will be the back cover, .25 inches in the middle will be the spine, then the right side will be the front cover. Feel free to put anything you want on the back (or leave it blank if you want), I've been putting my review of the film, but this is not required.

Back Cover
5 inches
Spine 0.25 inches
Front Cover
5 inches

Where to mail contributions

Worlds Worst Video Store
770 Meadowdale St
Ferndale, MI 48220

Covers in need of illustration
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