Worlds Worst Video Store


The Worlds Worst Video Store is a "take a movie/leave a movie" box located in Ferndale, MI. The Worlds Worst Video Store's mission to increase dialog about film, blur the lines between high and low art, physical media advocacy and conservation. The Worlds Worst Video Store is owned, operated, and clerked by Steve Barman.

We are located at
770 Meadowdale St
Ferndale, MI 48220

@stevefoam #VideoStore #freeblockbuster ♬ original sound - stevefoam

More vids about the project can be found on this TikTok account.

Cover Art Initiative

After a few months of operating the Worlds Worst Video Store, there was no civic engagement or interaction with the box. But who would go to a video store that only carried the same 20 movies? I began buying bulk sets of dvds from ebay and Craigslist. An Ebay purchase arrived discs only... I hadn't read the listing! For a fun project, I decided to watch some of the dvds at random, and create my own cover art for them. Many people on Tiktok liked the idea and asked if they could contribute their own art. I said "YES, PLEASE!".

Contributing Art

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Latest Cover Art

The Haunted Mansion CoverThe Haunted Mansion Back CoverFull Gallery

Other video "stores"?

Worlds Worst Video Store is proudly a part of Free Blockbuster family. Check out their page to find a Free Blockbuster in your area or to purchase supplies.